Get the Best Cricket Bat for Your Leather Ball at 2021 chasing your dreams of becoming a professional cricketer. We are bringing you a list of top 10 best cricket bats in the world.

We’re bringing you a listing of the top 10 best cricket bats on the planet. But we need to point out that a fantastic cricket bat is heavy on the pocket, and also, you might need to loosen up your pocket to get your hands on it.

There’s a wild idea that people are likely to fall prey to that because every one of the bats will be precisely the same, and individuals who are amateurs are vulnerable to the.

We’re not able to pop the bubble. However, not all bats have the same caliber, and Bat is a very significant part of the kit, so it becomes even more essential to invest. Trust, in the long term, will be a fantastic investment and tremendously affect your gameplay.

So without further ado, let us Have a Look at the listing.

Picking out the Bat was always a massive nuisance for me, presuming the same for either. Many alternatives can be found on the marketplace, which could confuse you and result in incorrect options.

Are you aware you shouldn’t play a leather ball if a cricket bat is designed for a tennis match? You can hardly judge the gap between those.

5 Best Cricket Bat Bats are usually made of two types of woods.

  1. English willow
  2. Kashmir willow

Fundamentally, the player of leather ball utilized bat constructed with English willow, and tennis ball participant utilize bat constructed with Kashmir willow. Aside from this willow, there are lots of other factors that will need to be considered before purchasing a bat, such as the size of this Bat, weight of the Bat, the caliber of willow, grains in Bat, depth of borders, manage size and shape and budget also.

While picking up the Bat, I’ve taken these things thought and mentioned that Bat is employed for what degree of player to easily select for you.

#5 MRF English Willow Cricket Bat

Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball 2021

Key Features:

  • Unique design for light pick up
  • Concaved Back profile for excellent balance,Prototype of the MRF Brand ambassadorâ??s bat
  • Premium quality alum tanned ball
  • Seasoned inner core with four piece construction
  • Colour available: red

MRF English Willow Cricket Bat is beautifully traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots. You may rely on it for intermediate skill levels. It’s the most effective lightweight bat within this budget. You just need to knock in the bat prior to using it with a season or some other hardball. As I mentioned earlier, you can use the second grip handle for superior grip.

MRF English Willow Cricket Bat Review

  • Material: The wood material is used for the blade of this bat is English willow.
  • Material Grade: The willow used in the bat is grade 3 which is quite good in this budget
  • Grains: I am not a big fan to look the grains while selecting the bat. It actually tells us the age of the tree. Older the tree would make the fiber for soft and cause more grains. Soft fiber generates more power when a leather ball hit the bat.It’s said that 5-8 grains bat is good to play. This bat contains 6 – 8 straight grains.
  • Weight: The bat weight is between 1150 – 1200gm which can be considered as lightweight.
  • Size: Its available in short handle size which is basically used for height greater

#4 GM Neon 404 English Willow Cricket Bat

Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball 2021
Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball 2021

Key Features:

  • Handle : standard
  • Weight :910-950
  • Bat grade :grade 4
  • Shortened l540 blade design for dynamic sweetspot
  • Handle length 310mm
  • Massive edges at drive zone
  • Slight offset edge for increased power to balance ratio
  • Reduced sweeping spine profile for superior pick up
  • Mid to high swell position for overall strokeplay concaved back profile
  • Age: 10-11
  • Playing level :advanced
  • Cover included : yes 

best cricket bat for leather ball under 1000

 GM Neon continues to be crafting championships for at least 125 decades and contains some of the top craftsmen in the world. And with its innovative DMX technologies, they produce some of their best cricket bats in the entire world. A Few of the features that make this bat good is as follows.

It’s by far the most economical English willow cricket bat. For young kids, it is a superb companion on the internet. To enhance the stroke quality and durability of the bat, I’d suggest knocking from the bat and play a used ball for about two weeks.

GM Neon 404 English Willow Cricket Bat Review

  • Skill level: Beginner and intermediate level skill players can use it.
  •  Edges: Comes with thick concave edges
  •  Hand orientation: It ’s designed and crafted in such a way that both left hand and right-hand batsman can play efficiently with it.
  •  Toe guard: It does not come with toe guard
  •  Protective plastic coat: It comes with a protective coating on the blade, so you don’t need to oil this part of the bat. It is enough to protect the moisture of the wood.

#3 KOOKABURRA KB Blaze 700 Adult English Willow Cricket Bat

Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball 2021

Key Features:

  • Massive â??big edgeâ?? profile which increases from the shoulders and maximise at the sweet spot, generating supreme balance with an extended sweet spot that covers the entire width of the blade
  • In-box Contents: 1 x Cricket Bat
  • The blaze aims to push the boundaries of modern-day Batting. A full profile for the player that embraces 360 degree run scoring
  • The kookaburra blaze 700 Cricket Batting made with club quality unbleached English willow


  • Material: It is built with English willow wood
  •  Material Grade: The willow used in the bat is super grade 5 willow
  •  Grains: SS premium bat contains 6 – 8 straight grains.
  •  Weight: The bat weight is between near 1200 grams based on the size of the bat which can be considered as lightweight.
  •  Size: Its available in short handle size only
  •  Blade: The thickness of the blade is 40-42mm. As usual for a new bat, you should knock in the blade before using it for season ball.
  •  Handle: Combination of Sarawak cane Handle
  •  Grip: Handle grip is specially designed with Embossed Sunridges to minimize the chances of slipping from hand.

Nobody can Conquer KOOKABURRA KB Blaze to become among the most trustworthy cricket gear producers in India. The business caters to the requirement of a number of the very in-demand cricket gear in the Indian marketplace, such as cricket balls, bats, protective equipment, guards, and much more. KOOKABURRA balls are produced with high-quality alum tanned leather. KOOKABURRA Cricket balls can be found in a price selection of Rs. 320 for one BALL to Rs 2299 to get a four-ball package.

#2 Wonberry Power Bottom Fully Knocked English Willow

Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball 2021

Key Features:

  • Brand – WONBERRY
  • Size – Full Size
  • Colour – Natural
  • Made of fine quality English Willow
  • Tow guard is included with the bat
  • High Spine and Big Edges giving bigger hitting area
  • A lightweight bat for easy gameplay

Wonberry Is among the leading sports brands in the entire world, and the brand has been related to the sport from a long time. Reebok’s Blast is one of the greatest cricket bats for leather ball in the world and is made of English Willow. This cricket bat was utilized by some of the best cricketers in the world like Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir and Sanath Jayasuriya. Let us see at some of the features of the excellent cricket bat.


Wonberry Power Bottom Entirely Knocked Ready Play English Willow Cricket Bat with Thick Edges, Moderate weight about 1200 to 1250 G Around with 8Straight Grains. Narrow grains also come within this particular bat, about 9-10+ grains. Large Edges around 40-42mm around. Comes in the only color front face or occasionally in double tone. Total Size SH with the amazing sweet place and fantastic pickup. Extra Ordinary spine that provides you an excellent profile and good ping all over the bat. Comes in shock evidence Singapore 4pc cane handle with the standard end. Total profile large border cricket bat. When you buy it, we’re sure you are going to purchase more Tonberry bats in the future; Wonberry supplies an entire selection of cricket bats with fantastic quality and the title, on earth. This version is presently at the top collection of sales. Moderate weight in line with the border size. We provide the best deals, Great Genuine Quality. The very best part, it is accessible at best deals on amazon from wonberry. Unbeatable Price. Perfect bat for all players. These bats will provide the best results if you do a little oiling and a small bit of knock-in. Customized bats are also accessible with your essential weight, advantage dimensions, and grains in every sort of English willow.

#1 SG Players Xtreme Grade 4 English Willow Cricket Bat

Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball 2021

Key Features:

  • In Box contents: 1 Cricket Bat with Cover | Material: English Willow | Grade: Grade 4 | No. of Grains : 4-6 | Needs Knocking: Yes | With Cover: Yes | Has Toe Guard: No
  • Suitable For: Leather Ball | Weight: 1160-1200gm | Sweet Spot: Medium | Spine Profile: Medium
  • Playing Style: All-Round
  • world’s finest english willow hard pressed & traditionally shaped for superb strokes
  • Handle-Singapore cane handle with special 3 way insertion of cork in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.


  • Material: This bat is built with English willow wood.
  •  Material Grade: The willow used in the bat is grade A which is quite good in this budget
  •  Grains: SS custom bat contains 6 – 8 straight grains.
  •  Weight: The bat weight is between 900-1350 grams based on the size of the bat which can be considered as lightweight.
  •  Size: Its available in 4, 5, 6 and short handle size
  •  Blade: You should knock in the bat with an old leather ball before playing with a season hardball.
  •  Handle: The handle is made from Sarawak cane and designed to bear the maximum vibration.

 SG Is one of the greatest sports equipment businesses in the world, which requires no introduction. They create one of the greatest sports gear, and Cricket bats are not any exception. Adidas Incurza bat collection is among the best cricket bats on the market that the money can purchase. Let us Have a Look at a Few of its attributes

Its profile is conventional, whereas its primary exceptional purpose is lightweight design. Bat is manufactured by considering contemporary cricket match demands. With a lightweight design and enormous edge profile, the player can reach the potent cricket shots with restricted power. The sweet Position of the cricket bat is a little higher that is design to provide much better grip, hooks, and pull shots. Cricket participants can get 5 to 7 direct grains within this violin. Bat handle consists of a 12 part cane. The bat includes a complete body padded cover.