Hotstar Pro Mod APK 2021( Vip unlocked, Free subscription)

The most downloaded and trustworthy video streaming platform in India, Hotstar consists of almost all Indian TV serials. It contains great movies as well as web series for kids to watch!

Apart from this fun content there are religious shows that will keep you entertained too
It’s worth noting how much diversity they have on their site with original programs made just by them – so if your favorite show isn’t available here it might be coming soon because Hotstars is constantly adding new stuff every day

 UpdatedOct 11, 2021
 Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
 Last version12.2.0
 Size27.51 Mb
 MODVip unlocked, Free subscription
 DeveloperNovi Digital
 Google Play Linkin.startv.hotstar

Hotstar is the go to video sharing app for all the best of Indian TV shows, live cricket, news, movies and music. Enjoy un-interrupted unlimited access to all your favorite TV shows, most watched movies and best of Indian music. Hotstar offers the most flexible and comprehensive choice of TV channels that you can find anywhere.

Hotstar is a one-stop destination for Indian TV shows, live cricket matches and news. The app offers unlimited access to your favorite programs whether they’re on cable or from Hindi channels! You’ll be able to stream them all using HotStar’s seamless video streaming service which also has other great features like chat rooms so you can talk about the show with others watching it at home too.
You won’t have any trouble finding what you need here

Hotstar is not just an internet TV streaming service. It is a premium IPTV service that comes with great value for money. Hotstar offers various television and movie channels across India at an affordable price, giving you full access to your favorite channels and shows. With Hotstar, Viacom has launched their first pay per view movie. Hotstar Premium gives you access to all your favorite premium channels such as Sony Entertainment Network, Bhumiamaliki, Star Plus, Super Eyes, Daytime, Ekkam, Star News, Desert Storm, Cooking With adrenaline, Be Alive with ETEC, Family Time, Dream Show, The Biggest Loser, Flavor of Love, My Time, Date Check, The Bachelor, My Fair Lady, The Game, Chopped, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Brides 2, Big Brother, Fabio, Gossip Girl, Hell’s Kitchen,italia, Let’s Dance, Let It Snow, Party of One, Pretty Woman, Pretty Pony, Scrubs, Sugar Rush, Training Beach, Total Gym, Wildfire, You Can’t Handle the Weather, The Black Mirror, Tokyo daytime, Family Time, Bridal Guide, The Mentalist, Gossip Girl, Hawaii Five, and many more.

Hotstar is India’s most trusted and downloaded video streaming platform. You can find almost every Indian TV serial on Hotstar, in Hindi or another language. Hotstar includes great movies, web series and Kid’s cartoon shows. It also has religious shows. Hotstar also contains original content that Hotstar has created.

Hotstar was acquired by Walt Disney Group and has published many Disney content, including movies, marvel series movies, Oscar-winning movies, IMDb top rated movies and many Disney animated movies. Hotstar offers Ultra HD live streaming of all live content, including news and cricket matches.

Hotstar Premium or VIP subscriptions are required to access most of the content. This subscription costs thousands of rupees per year. We’ve provided the modified Hotstar app – Hotstar Premium APK to provide you with all the premium features of Hotstar for free.


Hotstar has reached many Indian viewers compared to other streaming video platforms. Hotstar is loved by Indians because of its Made In India platform, containing 7 different languages including Bengali Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi & Tamil; it also offers access in 8 more regional dialects with subtitles for those who don’t speak these tongues or read aloud from scripts! The popular entertainment service was launched by Star India last February 2021 – making this tech giant one step ahead when comes down on their competition since YouTube had started operating almost 10 years ago back then (2007). At present time there are 100 million plus users worldwide having downloaded app within Google Play Store alone

Hotstar has also broken the record for most content viewed in one day across all video streaming platforms. Hotstar set a new record in 2019 with over 100 million content views within 24 hours and more than 555 new downloads every minute. Hotstar is the only Indian mobile app that offers this level of service. It also has a high trust rating.

Hotstar Subscription Plans

Although many Indians still have access to TV serials and movies via their cable connections, there has been a steady drop in the cost of these connection fees. Many online streaming services such as Hotstar offer the same content but with a lot more shows for the same price. Hotstar presents two subscription options. They differ in content quality, usage limit, and other factors. Below is a list of both plans, along with their prices and additional information.

With the Netflix and Prime Video streaming services, it’s easy to watch your favorite TV shows on-demand. But what about movies or web series? You can now find them online through Hotstar streaming service! And if you want an even more convenient way of viewing these videos without having an internet connection at all times (like when traveling), then download MX Player for free from Google Play Store onto any device that has screens compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich (4th) KitKat operating system built in.

Nowadays, most major Hollywood films are available not only through paid subscription programs but also completely Free Of Charge via Livestreaming sites such as Youtube

Hotstar VIP: Hotstar VIP is Disney+ Hotstar’s most affordable and subscribed membership plan. You will have access to 7 blockbuster movies, exclusive Hotstar originals content and Indian TV shows. Live sports streaming is also available, including cricket, premier leagues, and live sporting events. You can also access Disney+ content like Shows, Movies & Kids, but only in dubbed format. You can only get a VIP Plan for 399.00 INR per annum and no monthly plans.

Hotstar is the most downloaded and trusted video streaming platform in India. It consists of almost all Indian TV serials, either Hindi-language or other Asian content like Korean Dramas and Thai Movies to name a few! Besides this variety Hotstars also offers great movies for those who love watching Hollywood blockbusters too; web series that are trending right now as well as kids cartoon shows we couldn’t live without at one point because they’re so cute ; religious programming such as Hinduism+ where followers can learn more about their religion through question & answer sessions between select high priests/imams from around

Hotstar is a popular streaming service that provides immense content for Disney. They publish movies, marvel series and Oscar-winning films as well as various other top rated movies on IMDb to HotStar Ultra HD Live Streaming Platform which includes all kinds of sports shows such as cricket matches or football games among others
It’s no surprise why this website has been acquiring new subscribers at an impressive rate considering they offer free trial periods with their premium package tier (which can be canceled anytime


Hotstar is the most downloaded and best-used OTT service all over the world. It contains 300 million active users, as well as 8 Million premium subscribed ones! So why not try Hot star? You can get it for free by downloading this MOD APK from

With the Hotstar MOD APK, you can watch your favorite shows without any advertisements. With this new feature available in our app and mobile devices we enjoy unlimited entertainment with no interruption from ads!
To download or update: Go to settings > Click on “Software Update” button As soon as it asks for permissions tap OK when prompted

Premium unlocked

The Hotstar Premium subscription is the most costly of all, with a monthly cost of 299.00 INR or 1499 yearly! But if you’re looking for an app that will allow unlimited access to your favorite movies and TV shows on hotstar without needing cable ties then download our modded version today- it’s free

Sports and live content

The Hotstar MOD APK will provide you unlimited hours of live streaming sports and other shows for free. This app is a must-have if you want to get all your favorite content without any restrictions or limitations

Hotstar Originals

Hotstar provides an endless stream of entertainment with its Hotstar Originals. The popular series Criminal Justice, Kanpuriye and Hostages are just a few worth watching on this platform but there’s so much more! For example Son Of Abish has been downloaded over 40 million times which makes it one if the most watched Indian serials in history.
In addition to movies television shows from all around the world as well as other great features such like live streaming sporting events or Talk Shows you can also find exclusive content created specifically for hot star by independent movie directors , actors etc

Hotstar MOD APK is the best app for those who want to experience Hotstar without an internet connection. This offline download feature allows you watch HD videos, play games in Full HD quality with no root access or login needed


To use Hotstar, all you need to do is download and install the app for free from blow link. After that your account registration process can begin with tons of interesting content inside For more advanced experiences such as monthly subscriptions in Pro or Premium level apps? feel free take a dive whenever it suits you best – there’s always something new coming up on this streaming service soon enough.


The Hotstar platform has an extensive library of premium content that can’t be accessed if you’re not a subscriber. We want to help all these people who are unable or unwilling pay for this service, so we’ve created modified version called the Hotstar – MOD APK with access already attached! This app will let you watch shows without paying any money right off bat just like it did in your original currency model when downloading from google store/play store

The hot star is one my most favorite streaming services because there’s always something new coming up on their site every week-plus they have tons of great features including “free” subscriptions which allow users unlimited viewing time

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