Mallika Sehrawat, a Bollywood actress, is ready to make her digital debut after missing the silver screen for several years. Mallika is still a part of the MX Player series “Nakab”. She will play the role of producer in this series. He will be joined by Esha Gupta, Gautam Rode and Gautam Roze. This series has seen Mallika make a strong comeback. Mallika talked to Bollywood Hungama in her loss, where her pain was exaggerated.

In this interview, Mallika spoke out. Mallika was asked the question: What is the worst thing that a critic has said about her? He made a shocking response. Mallika stated that she was compared to a pornstar by a critic. Mallika responded, “Oh my God! There are many… It was a critic. Although I won’t name him, he wrote badly and it could have become a judgemental issue again. One critic called me a pornstar and said that Mallika was a pornstar. He had reached this level.”

Naqab is a series of investigative thrillers. This series will explore a high-profile death. Gautam Rode and Esha Gupta play the police role. The premiere of Whose premiere will air on MX Player 15 September. This promo has been released. People are liking it very much.