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MyUW is now available as a free mobile app for Apple and Android devices You can rely on MyUW to navigate life all things UW. Now it’s making its debut with iPhones, keeping you connected without needing sign in daily via NetID or University-issued credentials like Northwestern does with their NWEA accounts (which they don’t even need if students have already set up Google authentication

MyUW is a go-to for UW students, instructors and staff. Now it’s even more powerful with the addition of native app functionality Connect seamlessly between all your devices to access information anytime from anywhere in one convenient location on any device your phone or computer will never be without MyUW again
The release date has been announced: April 15th 2021 – happy browsing everyone

Myuw Login MyUW – University of Washington

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Featuring all the features you’ve come to love about MyUW, now at your fingertips wherever you are:

Visual course calendar; Profile including accounts and campus resources. Specialized content for international students & applicants such as UW Libraries or managing personal information through quick links from within their profile page

Register for courses

Track course details, access Canvas and materials from previous sessions. Instructors have Course Dashboard where they can get grading information or order textbooks if necessary to review their teaching history with these students in order prepare better for future classes.

UW Students, Instructors & Staff: MyUW is now a native app! You rely on it to navigate all things UW.
You’re in luck because we’ve made sure that you can use our mobile site or download the latest version of “My UW,” which will come with features like an interactive campus map and news updates from The Badger Herald newspaper – just tap onto any building’s logo when looking at their location page for more information.

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