Priyanka Chopra Marriage: Priyanka Chopra will soon be seen in her Hollywood film The Matrix 4. Meanwhile, he has talked about his personal life in an interview. Priyanka is very happy with her married life and has revealed many secrets related to her married life. Priyanka married American singer Nick Jonas with pomp in 2018.

Priyanka Chopra's answer to what she learned from Nick Jonas after marriage

Priyanka said in an interview, ‘One thing that I learned after marriage is that I have found a partner who gives importance to my work and understands it. I love to see Nick equates my own career achievements and knows exactly where I want to go and what my choices are. It’s all that matters to him and not me before I get him Knew I wanted a cheerleader. Apart from work, the thing that matters the most to me is my family. My family has stood like a rock with me since I was 17 and I didn’t know that I needed a partner who would understand how hard I worked and built my career. It’s great to see that I have a partner who values ​​this.

Priyanka Chopra's answer to what she learned from Nick Jonas after marriage

Priyanka praised Nick and said that Nick has taught him to be calm in life. Earlier she used to get upset because of someone saying something. But now she has started dealing with the problems in a calm way. On the other hand, in an interview, Nick praised Priyanka and said that Priyanka taught her a lesson to slow down the pace of life. He said, “Sometimes we have to slow down the speed before putting the high gear. At the same time, he also learned from Priyanka that whatever is happening, let’s do it with the flow and do not load too much.

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