Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder MOD APK 2.11.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Download XRecorder is a new and easy to use application that can help you record what’s happening on your Android device. It has all the features of an external app, so there will be no stock ones for this purpose inbuilt onto any model phone or tablet.


You capture your screen to take clear screenshots, a video editor with trimming capabilities, and speed changes. Record gameplay on the fly or export full HD videos in 240p – 1080p at 60fps for 12Mbps bandwidths without watermarks. No time limits nor root needed either; just drag & drop files into any directory you want, so it’s an easy storage location too– internal memory/SD card. Easy pauses & resume recording when needed

The app is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. You can quickly capture your on-screen actions with the quick record option, or you may make use of other advanced settings if needed for more customized needs! Also, feel free to work in live streaming options so that people across all channels will see what’s going on in real-time.

Free Screen Recorder in FULL HD

XRecorder is an all-inclusive program that supports capturing game screens at 1080p, 12Mbps. It comes with adjustable resolution(240p to 1080) and FPS, which can be changed from 15fps to 60 frames per second.

Game Recorder with no Time Limit

XRecorder is a high-quality screen recorder and game capture tool. It can record anything from your computer’s display, so you never have to worry about running out of memory again.

XRecorder is the perfect app to use on Android phones. You can enjoy recording your display for as long you want! It’s unlimited, so there are no restrictions. It works with both mobile data plans or Wi-Fi connections—saving money in both cases by not having extra fees associated with cellular data usage.

Screen Video Recorder with no Watermark

The video recorder is an essential tool for anyone who wants to record what’s on their screen. It will capture the entire monitor more cleanly without any watermarks, giving you complete control over how it looks when capturing or taking screenshots at any given time.

For those interested, now there’s no need to work with the annoying watermarks that typically come from other similar apps. As a result, XRecorder will provide a cleaner experience, so you can enjoy capturing videos and screenshots without any trouble.

Screen Recorder with Sound

Do you want to record your gameplay, video tutorials with sound? This powerful screen recorder will help. It fluidly captures and accurately records voice, so it sounds great.

Screen Recorder with Facecam


XRecorder Screen Recorder with Facecam is a powerful yet simple screen recording software. It can be dragged freely to any position on the screen and customized in size, shape, or location for optimal results without interrupting what you’re doing. The pre-installed overlay window captures your face reaction while allowing users total control over positioning it anywhere they want within this customizable area that ranges from 1×1 pixels up through 5500px wide.

Screen Recorder with Audio

You can record your videos with this screen recorder that has audio. Download the app and get started now

XRecorder is the best app for recording your screen videos on Android. You can easily take screenshots without looking and draw what you’re saying with ease because of its intuitive features that come built-in to all devices running version 4.0 or higher.

XRecorder’s pause and resume option enable you to easily record your screen while editing settings on the fly. It won’t affect final videos, so users can still enjoy the seamless video without interruption.

For Android users, XRecorder offers many options to better suit their needs. These include adaptive recording that automatically adjusts the screen orientation and ratio according to your preferences so you can get high-quality video no matter what setup is being used or how much space there may be on a device without sacrificing resolution for frames per second (fps).

The new features have been designed specifically with mobile devices in mind – including smartphones like iPhone 6s Plus! You’ll also find full support for resolutions up until 1440p at 60fps while still allowing 12Mbpsbps bitrates if needed, which should make capturing videos easier than ever before possible.

The one-touch control of XRecorder with the floating windows makes it easier to use. You can quickly enable or disable them as needed without having to interrupt your stream, and since they’re only visible when you want them, there’s no clutter on the screen.

Take clear screenshots

You can easily capture the screen in XRecorder without having to use special settings on your mobile device. You just need a quick press of the button for this.

Countdown Timer

With the countdown timer, you can schedule your recording to run automatically. This is great for those who don’t want to miss out on any of their precious moments!

XRecorder also has an Android version so that users with smartphones will be able to manage schedules easily and efficiently from anywhere at any time without having to install software onto a computer or tablet first before getting started.

Powerful Video and Photo Editor

Talk about how you can use the powerful video and photo editor to change your videos into something exciting. You are allowed trimming, merging, or cutting up any clip that has been recorded in XRecorder with ease, thanks to its built-in tools for editing both still images as well as moving pictures! Plus, if size reduction isn’t an option, maybe importing them onto another platform will be better suited, so they don’t take up too much room on one’s phone storage device.

Storage Location

You can now take control of where your data goes with Android’s new storage feature. Choose between Internal Storage and SD Card for more flexibility.

Enable different theme settings

Here in XRecorder, Android users can enjoy working with the useful Dark mode and many unique theme settings. With this mobile app, you will be able to comfortably work on your project no matter what type of visual setups may speak best for how creative or serious-minded an individual wants their final product delivered at any given time! It’s never been easier than now, so feel free to select whatever suits YOU most by encouraging yourself through encouraging feedback from our helpful community members who are always willing to help out others just like themselves, looking forward to creating great content one line after another without ever getting lost along

XRecorder can capture video with the highest clarity, high quality, and speed. It also allows the user to record in both JPEG and MPEG formats. The screen recorder also supports multi-frame video capture, which means you can capture multiple images with each frame rate. Of course, by enabling high definition capture in your video, you will be able to make your videos look like real cameras would.

One of the most impressive features of this XRecorder screen recorder is the fact that it works on almost any operating system. Therefore, even if your primary operating system doesn’t support the software, the XRecorder will work on it. The free CD version of the software also enables you to use the android category. The free converter show details about the compatibility of the camera model you are using.

The touch screen recording mode allows the user to capture videos with a lot convenience. It includes a great app that converts videos from any format to the popular Android container formats. The Android device, used to take the video, can be easily accessed. Thus, you do not need to download a separate device to use the x recorder screen recorder.

Downloading this app is as easy as downloading an APK file! The modified version of XRecorder on our website offers you ad-free and unlocked features without having to pay anything. You can now enjoy live streaming your screen with no troubles, so go ahead and give it a try today before tomorrow morning comes around again for all those eager people waiting in line at Starbucks.

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